Semi-Private Personal Training

Working out with a partner makes the workout easier and better

Inclusive and affordable personal training for everyone.

After being in the personal training business for over 19 years, I absolutely know that I can offer everything that you need to get in shape. While the trend is gyms that offer only one type of workout, personal training has always offered a well balanced workout that incorporates all facets of fitness, and is customized for your particular needs.

For a very reasonable rate, clients enjoy personal training sessions with another person and the energy level is amazing! Or, if you prefer to have the laser focused attention that can only be achieved with individual personal training, then I can give you exactly what you need.

Strength Training

Stay strong and healthy as you age. Studies have shown that exercise can actually reverse the aging process.

Functional Training

Learn how to exercise for the movements you naturally make. Prevent injury by strengthening the most important muscles in your body.

Balance & Flexibility

Aging creates stiff muscles and falling can become common and more dangerous. Regain flexibility and balance and it will pay off for the rest of your life.

  • Start shaping the new you.

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