Workouts to do At Home

Woman_bicep_curlAt home and wanting to do a workout, but need some ideas of what exercises to do? Here are some of my favorite exercises to do at home. Turn up the radio, or even do these while watching TV.

Choose a circuit and do each exercise with 10-15 reps per set. Do a full set of each exercise and then repeat two more times so you do every exercise a total of three times.




-Warm up by running in place or jump roping
-Pushups (upper body)
-Body weight squats (lower body)
-Bicycles (core)
-Tricep dips on the couch (upper body)
-Lunges (lower body)
-Plank (core)

Plymoetric exercises are fast and powerful  movements used to improve performance in sports through speed, quickness, & power

-Warm up by running in place or jump roping
-Mountain Climbers
-Jump Lunges
-Clapping pushups
-Tuck Jumps

* View more great ply exercises here


-Here is a great 10 min. in home, no equipment needed cardio      circuit. View HERE

-Other options: run up and down stairs, jump rope, ice skaters, burpees, jumping jacks, high knees, etc.

The possibilities for exercises you can do in your own home are endless! 

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