Workout in the Park

Park_BenchThe weather is warming up, the sun is staying up longer, and people are ready to get outside! Get Strong Denver has started doing Wednesday evenings Total Body in the Park to get our clients outside and moving. With just a minimal amount of equipment (or even no equipment at all) you can get a GREAT workout outdoors. Here are some ideas of exercises to do in a park:

1. Run – that’s an easy one! Jog to warm up and as you continue to advance your running skills add in some sprints, then some hill sprints, then longer faster runs. Don’t add on too quickly though, take it one step at a time. To start just do a nice jog to get your body warmed up.

2. Bench step ups – find a park bench and perform steps ups or power step ups. There are a variety of ways to step up onto the bench, or do toe touches to the bench.

3. Tricep Dips – now turn around on that bench and do tricep dips.

4. Push ups – perform push ups on the bench, or on the ground. Add in some flavor when you are ready by doing different types of push ups. Here are 48 varieties for different levels.

Now let’s add in a Resistance Band – This is a great piece of equipment because they are inexpensive, versatile, and easy to transport

5. Squat to Row – find a light or telephone pole, put the resistance band around it; face the pole and go into a squat position. When you stand back up from the squat row back with your arms. Demo

6. Lunge to Chest Press – put your back to the pole, holding resistance band at shoulders, lunge forward and push out into a chest press. Return to start potion and switch legs. Demo

7. Side Plank to Row – loop the resistance band around the pole, go into a side plank facing the pole and row. Demo Don’t forget to do both sides!

Playground Equipment can be a great tool as well.

8. Swing Pike Ups – put your feet on the swing, hands out in front (push up position) and bring your feet in while your butt goes up in the air. Demo

9. Monkey Bar Pull Ups – remember how easy monkey bars were as a kid? Now they serve as a great way to workout.

Give some of those a try and let us know what you think! Working out really can be fun, I promise!

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