Track Workouts in Denver – join in the fun!

Get Strong Denver will be hosting track/speed workouts starting Tuesday, July 16th in the DTC area.

Why Track workouts? – Track workouts are not all about sprinting at full speed, they are about improving stride turnover and your overall pace for any distance race (5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, full marathon), or just for your overall improvement and enjoyment.

Track workouts are also a GREAT way to improve overall aerobic ability, health & fitness.

So, no matter what your running goals are, track workouts can greatly benefit you and some may even find them to be fun.

When: Tuesdays from 6:15-7:15am
Where: DTC area, will email with specific location

– Free to Get Strong Denver (GSD) monthly membership holders
– $5 drop in or $35 for the season for GSD punch card holders
– $10 drop in or $70 for anyone else (includes a personalized training plan if you are training for a specific race)

Track workouts will be run by coach Kelli Hahn who is RRCA running coach certified and an avid runner who loves workouts on the track. Email her if you are interested:


“I thought training for a long race meant I should run long distances, Kelli has shown me otherwise. Since starting sprint training with Kelli I have seen significant time improvements to my 10K pace every week. At the start of track training my 10K time was 52:29, now my time is 44:43. I have also improved my 1200m time by 40 seconds, ran 800m in under 3 minutes and managed to run a 1:09 400m.

I can safely say that it is because of Kelli’s professionalism, enthusiasm and sheer level of personal fitness that I have seen these improvements. When you are a 6’2 male and you get beaten by a 5′ female, there is no limit to what can be achieved when your competitive nature kicks in!” – Andrew C.


“Wow! What can I say about Kelli. She is an amazing trainer with the perfect amount of hard-ass and compassion. She won’t let you stop, even when you want to. Her training isn’t about competition with each other, it is about improving on personal goals. There are no surprises, she lays out what she expects of you and lets you achieve that in your own time. And, she will run every step with you, pushing you when you think you can’t go any further.

My running has improved greatly. Before starting track training I couldn’t run 1km without wanting to give up. The steady progression of her training has given me the fitness to push through and be back running at my sea level pace, covering 5km without a thought. I have also improved over short distances which has helped with Crossfit and other sports.

I can safely say that participating in Kelli’s track training has been the best thing for my running. My technique better than ever and I actually enjoy myself when I’m out pounding the pavement.” – Amy F.

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