Tough Mudder – Beaver Creek June 2013

We did it! We proved to be Tougher than Your Mudder and we had a lot of fun doing it. After several months of training our mighty group of 15 set out to race in the Tough Mudder. We not only stuck together, helped each other out, and all finished with no major injuries (just bumps, scrapes and bruises which are impossible to avoid); we also had a blast doing it.

Every team member gave it their all and did a great job helping others on obstacles, encouraging one another and keeping a smile on their face even when faced with yet another daunting hill to climb, even after Neil claimed “it’s all down hill from here!”

Enjoy the photos and we hope to see even more members on our team next year!

TM TM1 TM3 TM4 tm5 TM6 tough mudder 1 tough mudder 2 tough mudder 3 tough mudder 4 tough mudder 5

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