Don’t take our word for it; take our clients’ words for it!

“I have been going to personal training with Neil since 2010 and I can’t say enough positive things about the staff and the commitment they have to all their clients.

I started because I was getting older and starting to ache and creak and even hurt myself  (note to self:  don’t try water skiing after 30 years).

Today I am a different person–stronger, more active, more toned, more muscular, more of what I want to be!  Plus I can eat a lot more and maintain my weight at the same level.  That in itself is PRICELESS since I am a sugar addict!

Get Strong Denver and get to this gym to work out with Neil, Kelli and Eileen!!!!”

Debbie E.

“Great gym! Personalized training so every hour long session ensures an excellent workout. No two workouts the same so it is NEVER boring. If time is important and you want to gain maximum benefit from time spent in the gym then this is the place to go!”

Russell L.

“I really like the location of the gym, it’s easy to get to from work and the trainers are very knowledgeable and continue to push me  to see the results I’m looking for. Thanks!”

Patti D.

“I absolutely LOVE working out with Kelli!  You must visit this girl if you are looking for an intense and motivational work out. I am not a self-motivator when it comes to working out and need someone to push me. She pushes to me to go faster and longer and makes it fun!”

Jen C.