Our Clients – check them out!

Our clients are rockstars both inside and outside the studio. Take a look at what some of them do when they aren’t rocking it out in the studio with us.

Clair Diones

Cliar Diones2

EVENT: TD Five Boro Bike Tour

WHAT CLAIR HAS TO SAY: The ride: I began the 40-mile, traffic-free tour around 7:45 am, on a rented mountain bike. It began at the southern tip of Manhattan and traveled north, through Central Park and into the Bronx. Cruised back south to the Queensboro Bridge and crossed over into Long Island City. Then headed back north to Astoria Park. This was all pretty flat compared to Colorado standards, BUT the last five miles, the climb up the Staten Island Bridge, is surprisingly steep and it was super windy!  I was very happy to arrive on Staten Island!! You then travel back via a ferry and get to pass the Statue of Liberty–a pretty epic ride of all the great spots in NYC.  I finished in about 3 hour and 30 minutes. I raised 1,746.00!!!

ACCOMPLISHMENT: Claire raised $1,746 to donate to stroke research, education and prevention.



Russell Lindsay

Russell LIndsayEVENT: Tour de France – Cycling up the Col de Tourmalet in the Pyrenees mountains just prior to the pros riding up. The Col de Tourmalet is one of the iconic climbs in the tour – a 5,500 elevation gain in 18 miles.

WHAT RUSSELL HAS TO SAY: I’ve been a member of GSD since 2009. My strength, endurance and overall fitness have improved dramatically. I am an avid cyclist and GSD has helped me improve my times substantially. The 1 hour personalized workouts are varied, very time efficient but with maximum benefit. No two workouts are ever the same and all muscle groups of the body are targeted. The personal trainers are excellent and are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Some even have a small sense of humor!


Jan Holmes

Jan HolmesEVENT: Every winter, our family, along with 12 others, snowshoes uphill an average of 5-7 miles to one of 30 huts operated by the 10th Mountain Hut Division.  Unrelentingly uphill, these adventures take anywhere from 4-7 hours depending upon the hut and it’s trail. You pack everything in and everything out.   I have been with GSD one year, and this past December when we went on this hut trip I could tell a big difference in my strength and stamina.  I wholeheartedly contribute this to my workouts at GSD.

WHAT JAN HAS TO SAY: I am constantly impressed with the knowledge of Kelli and Eileen and how they can change up a workout so it is never boring. With lots of variety and personal attention, I always leave feeling and knowing I have  experienced a first-rate workout experience.  Way way better and more effective than doing anything on my own. They inspire me.  Thanks GSD.

ACCOMPLISHMENT: I usually end up being the last one in our group to make it to the hut, but this year I was ahead of 4 people.  That’s never happened.


Emy Dunfee

Emy Dunfee Run



EVENT: Journey Racing 5 Mile Challenge – Trail Race

ACCOMPLISHMENT: 13th female finisher.

WHAT EMY HAS TO SAY: Get Strong Denver has not only helped me lose 25 lbs, they have made me a stronger more confident runner.  I have knocked 7 minutes off my half-marathon time and continue to improve with each run. The trainers at Get Strong will help you meet any goal you set your mind to and truly support their clients 100%!