Different than a gym

Personal service for less

Get Strong Denver is a membership based personal training studio which also offers a variety of traditional personal training services.

For a low monthly rate, members enjoy unlimited semi-private training sessions with up to 5 people, and the energy level is amazing!


A Better Way

The benefits of a group

When you are working with other people, you will feel more motivated and the friendliness of the group takes your mind off of how hard you are working. Before you know it, you just had a wonderful workout!




The Details

Members of Get Strong Denver are entitled to unlimited one-hour semi-private personal training sessions in small groups of up to 4 members. This allows us to give you the individual attention you need without being left to figure things out for yourself like you would in a gym. Great way to get affordable Personal Training in the Denver Tech Center!

All members are treated as individuals. We often work with various abilities and injuries within one group. Since the sessions are limited to 5 people, we are able to give you the personal service you need to help you safely and effectively reach your goals.

Daily workouts are divided up into Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body and Cardio. By viewing our schedule you will see that variety is the key to our success. Your muscles respond well to variety and since we NEVER repeat the same workout, there is very little risk of boredom.

If your needs are more specific and you feel the group setting isn’t right for your goals, we also offer individual training. Our mission is to make you fit in the best way possible, so feel free to contact us to see if individual training may be better for you.

The Trainers

  • Eileen Cestra

    American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer since 2004, Certified Pilates Instructor.
  • Kelli Hahn

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer & RRCA Certified Run Coach.
  • Neil Cestra

    American Council on Exercise Certified Trainer and Health Coach since 2005.
  • Roxy Rahim

    Roxy has always had a passion for helping other people and a.

Unlimited Membership

All membership and punch card options include unlimited one-hour semi-private sessions of up to 5 people, individual attention and weight loss support.

Personal training averages around $60 per 1-hour session. With our small group personal training model and membership options, our clients pay as little as $15 per session!

              Introductory Offer

                 Ten days unlimited- $60

                 One month unlimited- $150

Six Month Membership

$235 per month

Three Month Membership

$250 per month

One Month Membership


Pay As You Go

$40 per session

                Five sessions for $175

                Ten sessions for $300

Individual Training

Individual training clients enjoy all the benefits of working with a personal trainer in a one-on-one setting. Package prices are for 1 hr. sessions.

If the small group personal training sessions aren’t of interest to you, then Individual training is a great option. Work with one of our talented trainers to get a customized workout at a time that best suits you.

Red Rocks Boot Camp

Every Saturday morning from April through November we meet at Red Rocks Amphitheater for a fantastic 90 minute workout. Join us this summer and have a blast getting into the best shape of your life!

Once you purchase a Red Rocks workout package, please download the instructions by following this link- Click here for the Red Rocks boot camp orientation information.

Five Red Rocks Boot Camp Sessions- $90

Ten Red Rocks Boot Camp Sessions- $160

Unlimited Red Rocks Season Pass- $240