Winter X Workouts

The X is for extreme- as in, extremely fun outdoor workout in the extreme conditions of winter! Lucky for us, winter in the front range isn’t that extreme, but if indoor workouts become tedious and boring to you after a few weeks, then there is no reason to stay indoors anymore.

We don’t let anything like colder temperatures or a little snow keep us from having a fun time staying in shape in the great outdoors. And don’t worry, 5 minutes into the workout you will be peeling off the layers from the heat!

The Winter X Workout meets every Saturday at 9am for 90 minutes of fun in the sun. To keep it fresh and interesting, we meet in a new location each week for a completely different workout experience. All locations are no farther than 10 miles from downtown Denver. Here is a list of the workouts and locations planned for this winter;

  • Red Rocks Plus- We will meet at Red Rocks amphitheater for a phenomenal workout on the bleachers. We will use resistance tubes and packs full of books and bricks to get the best possible workout.
  • Cherry Creek Park Boot Camp Triathlon- Sand Sprints and a hard workout on the beach, then bike ride around the park, followed by a run on the path.
  • Green Mountain Ruck-up- We will don our packs full of books or bricks and make a fast hike up Green Mountain for a workout on top, then a fast decent back down.
  • Snow Day Hooray! Dress to get covered in snow and bring your shovels and sleds for a different kind of play in the snow. Participants will work up a sweat and have a blast!
  • A Hard Day at the Yard- Participants will move and carry heavy objects around at a to-be-disclosed location. You might get a little dirty and probably be sore the next day, but you’ll definitely feel like you accomplished something great.
  • Track Attack- We will meet at an area running track for a set of fast sprint drills, and use the infield for a total body workout.
  • Confluence Park- We will have fun getting sweaty on a cold day at the cherry creek path around Confluence park and REI.
  • Snowshoe Ruck- Meet in Morrison for a snowshoe ruck up Mt. Falcon with extra weight in our packs. Expect some unexpected twists along the way.
  • Cyclocross Simulator- Simulation of a bicycle cyclocross race where we ride bikes over a fast course with certain sections you have to run with your bike, and, of course, a few unexpected twists along the way to be sure you get a fantastic total body workout. You will stay much warmer on this workout than you would on a regular bike ride.

Details, details…

Join us for 12 weeks of winder wonderland fitness and watch how you can ski longer, lose more weight on your new years resolution and have a huge head start on your summer training goals come spring. Winter X Workouts will begin on Saturday, December 7th and continue until March 1st. (There is no workout on Saturday Dec. 28th.)

If you want a secret weapon to help you reach your fitness goals this the winter, this is it! Amaze your friends and family when you take off your heavy winter coat next spring to reveal a ripped, toned and slender body. All you will need is a quick spray tan and you’re off to the beach!

All fitness levels are able to participate in Winter X Workouts. If you can run, jump and keep moving for 90 minutes, then you can do this. Yes, we will have some very fit people in the workouts, but we make them work extra hard, so the playing field is level. Most people in our workouts are just “mere mortals” with a hearty disposition who don’t mind going outdoors when the weather cools down.


Season Pass- $144 Entitles you to participate in all 12 Winter X Workouts for the 2013-2014 season.


6 pack- $90 for 6 Winter X Workout experiences.

Lift Ticket- $20- Just want to check it out to see if it’s really as awesome as you heard it was? Come for the day and see for yourself!

After making your purchase, please download the waiver and orientation document below.

Winter X Workouts orientation information and waiver