Everyday is something new

Clients of Get Strong Denver remember boring workouts like a bad dream, that is, before we came along and changed the paradigm.

When you look at our monthly schedule, you will see that we break the week up into Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body and Cardio workouts. No two Upper Body workouts are the same as are no two Lower Body, Total Body or Cardio workouts.

What you get are never-ending, interesting workouts that will stimulate your muscles as well as your mind. We carefully craft the schedule each month to be sure we are rotating through different styles of reps and sets and exercises that are all designed to get you to the next level.

This is one of the main reasons that clients at Get Strong Denver reach their fitness and weight loss goals. By following the latest scientific information, we are able to provide cutting edge exercise programming that is proven to work.

You won’t find that on any infomercial…dumbell image


If you are new to Get Strong Denver, you will need to call to get set up with our scheduling system. Please call Eileen at 303-885-5898.

Our sessions are designed to give you a well rounded workout no matter what day(s) of the week you attend. But, for those of you who want a specific workout here is how we structure our weeks:

  • Monday – Total Body Emphasis
  • Tuesday – Lower Body Emphasis
  • Wednesday – Cardio Emphasis
  • Thursday – Total Body Emphasis
  • Friday – Upper Body Emphasis