Q?What if I’m not as fit as the other people in my workout? I don’t want to hold anyone back.

There is absolutely no need to feel this way in our workouts. While elderly and some handicapped exercisers would be much better served with an individual session, almost everyone else fits right in to our small group sessions.

Because the groups are so small, and because we are experienced, professional trainers, we know how to keep the workout moving so that the people who are new or in lesser shape are challenged at the level that is right for them, and the more experienced exercisers work a little harder to get the intensity they need.

The result is the perfect workout for everyone in the group and no one feels held back or slowed down because of anyone else.

Q?I have a bad back and I have had multiple knee surgeries, can I handle this?

Most people over the age of 35 begin to experience pain, injuries and even surgery. This is the realm of the experienced personal trainer and we are very familiar with most common maladies.

While every individual is different, and no two injuries are exactly alike, we have the experience to know how to train you so that your injured area is strengthened and not make the injury worse.

During your first few visits, we are paying extra special attention to many things like the way you move, how you handle weights, and a multitude of factors that provide valuable clues that help us determine the proper way to proceed with your exercise program.

Q?I have never worked out in my life. Am I going to be around a bunch of buff 20 year olds?

No. People like that work out at 24/7 gyms where they can strut around and show off their natural gifts to people who might be interested. At Get Strong Denver we are only concerned with our clients fitness and how it can improve their lives in the long term.

So don’t worry about looking your best or wearing the latest fitness fashion. Come prepared to work hard and there won’t be much time for paying attention to what anyone else is doing.

Q?I already have a gym membership, so why is this any better than what I already have at my gym?

Many people have gym memberships. Some use them, but 70% to 80% don’t. It’s far too easy to let yourself off the hook and not go to the gym when the bed is sooo warm and comfy, or after a long day at the office.

The difference is, at Get Strong Denver you have an appointment. And unlike the gym, if you don’t show up, we start to call you to find out where you are and help you get back on track.

Even when people do use their gym membership, they often don’t get the workout they most need. Many people use the cardio equipment exclusively, and at a far too low intensity to do much good. They typically skip strength training entirely because they just aren’t sure what to do.

If you don’t like wasting your time, then you need to be working with a trainer at Get Strong Denver. We are experts at providing the optimal, time efficient workout for our clients. We can assure you are working in a safe manner and help you avoid the plateau that most motivated exercisers eventually experience on their own.