DIY Workout For Boot Camp Participants

Since Red Rocks is closed this weekend (June 1) and we aren’t able to hold a boot camp we wanted to give you a workout to do on your own or with some friends! Just because there isn’t an organized workout doesn’t mean you can’t get in some great exercise.


-Jog for 5 min
-Squats – 40
-Alternating Lunges – 20 each leg
-Windmill Toe Touches – 20 each side
-Light cross punches – 40 each hand

CIRCUIT #1: Get more intense

-Step Ups – 1 minute: Find a sturdy bench or table
-Push ups – 20
-Tricep dips – 20
-Jump onto that sturdy bench or table – 30 (or do power step ups)
-Crunches – 50
-Mt. Climbers – 1 minute


-Jumping Jacks – 50
-Sprint in place –  30 sec. do 5 pushups (repeat 4 times)
-Cross punches – 1 min. (get in slight squat and punch across the body –  using your core, do not over extend the elbow)
-Plank – 1 min
-Burpees – 15
Hip Raises


-Walk for 5 min.
-Stretch out thoroughly – DO NOT skip this step
-Remember to drink water throughout the workout and take breaks as needed.
-Use caution when doing any form of exercise and make safety your #1 priority.

We hope you enjoy your DIY workout!

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