No Equipment Exercises to Fit into your Busy Lifestyle

Some days getting in a workout just doesn’t seem possible BUT, you can do quick easy workouts like the ones below almost anywhere with little to no equipment. So, take a 30 min lunch break, wake up 30 min. early, or take a few 10 min breaks during the workday to fit in some exercise:

Choose some of the exercises below depending on what areas you want to work and use the progressions and variations to spice it up each time:

Parts of the body worked: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, muscles of the calves

–   Standard squat
–   Jump Squat
–   Pistol Squat
–   Sumo Squat
–   Squat Hold

Parts of the body worked: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, muscles of the calves

–   Forward Lunges
–   Reverse Lunges
–   Side Lunges
–   Jump Lunges

Parts of the body worked: Hip flexor muscles & glutes

–   Clams
–   Lateral Leg Raises
–   Donkey Kicks
–   Fire Hydrants

Parts of the body worked: chest, triceps, shoulders, abs

–   Knee push ups
–   “Regular” push up
–   Tricep push up
–   Walking push up
–   Decline push up

Parts of the body worked: triceps & biceps

–   Seated tricep extensions
–   Trciep dips
–   Bicep pull
–   Bicep curls with water bottles
–   more bicep exercises

Parts of the body worked: abs & back

–   Superman
–   Bird Dog
–   Can Cow Pose
–   More back exercises

–   Flutter kicks
–   Reaching oblique crunch
–   Side hip raise
–   Russian Twist
–  more ab exercises


–   Jumping Jacks
–   Mountain Climbers
–   Burpees
–   Speed Skaters
–   Ski Jumps
– Running in place, high knees, butt kicks

When working out on your own hasn’t proved successful, or you just want to advance your workouts, it may be time to find someone who will hold you accountable and create fun, effective and appropriate workouts for you. Our semi-private personal training sessions are a great way to get affordable personal training and to have a small group (up to 4 people per session) of others to workout with and help motivate you.

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